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Ms. Jena M. Rainey




$35,000 HP Technology for Teaching grant includes HP wireless equipment, cash, and professional development to improve student achievement

Atlanta, GA, May, 11, 2005Southside Comprehensive High School was selected as a 2005 HP Teaching for Technology grant recipient. HP is awarding a total of  $6.2 million in cash and equipment to teams of five teachers at 174 kindergarten through 12th grade public schools in the US and Puerto Rico. Preference was given to schools serving low-income students, and projects including a math or science component. The HP Technology for Teaching grant program is designed to transform and improve learning in the classroom through innovative uses of technology.

Southside received an HP award package valued at more than $35,000, which will include five HP Tablet PCs, five HP multimedia projectors, five HP digital cameras, an HP Officejet All-in-One, a $500 stipend per teacher and a professional development program that includes customized learning opportunities, expert mentoring and participation in an online learning community to support teachers’ use of technology.

The title of Southside’s Grant is “Class Connections through Web Interactions”.  Southside students will build and design a webpage that explains, illustrates, examines and analyzes the major concepts presented in their math classes.  The site will be interactive, providing on-line tutorials, links to math sites, examples of student work, online assessments, technical portfolios/resumes created by students, student generated PowerPoint presentations, digital pictures and video clips of class activities. 

The Lead Teacher for this grant initiative is Ms. Jena M. Rainey (Math Teacher/SECME Coordinator) who is quoted as saying, “Continuous advancements in computer science and information technology provide teachers with additional tools to positively impact the quality of students’ life-long learning experiences through collaborative efforts and differentiated instruction.”

The 2005 HP Technology for Teaching grant program is also awarding grants totaling $2.3 million to 31 two- and four- year colleges and universities in the US and Puerto Rico. HP has committed $25 million to the three-year global program, which supports HP’s broader education goal of transforming teaching and learning through the integration of technology. More than 400 schools worldwide have received grants since the program’s inception last year.

“Technology has the power to positively transform the learning process for both educators and students,” said Bess Stephens, vice president, Philanthropy and Education, HP.  “By integrating technology into their teaching, educators can engage students in new and innovative ways to increase achievement, and ultimately to prepare them for greater success in the classroom and beyond.”

More information about the 2005 HP Technology for Teaching program and grant recipients is available at

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